Counter Tops

There are a myriad of choices for counter tops available today. There are pros and cons to each and we will sort through them together. The surfaces in your space must be both beautiful and hard working. We are here to help you in making the correct choice for your lifestyle.

Engineered Stone

Material: Quartz

Zodiaq, CaesarStone, Eurostone, Cambria and Silestone are 93% crushed quartz and 7% polymer resin. This combination of materials produces a countertop harder than granite, that will never have to be sealed. All products come with at least a 10 year warranty.

Natural Stone

Material: Granite, Marble, Soapstone & Quartzite

Granite countertops are both durable and beautiful. Marble countertops are softer and more porous than granite, but are stunning in the proper application. All natural stone countertops must be sealed every one to two years.

Solid Surface

Material: Natural Materials & Acrylic Polymer

Corian and Avonite are solid surface materials with great design versatility. They can be sculpted into almost any shape. Seams are virtually invisible and both offer a recycled collection.

Recycled Glass

Material: Recycled Glass & Concrete

Vetrazzo, Icestone, and Trinity Glass Products are countertops made with recycled glass and concrete.

Paper Composites

Material: Cellulose Fiber & Phenolic Resin

Paperstone and Richlite are composed of cellulose fiber and phenolic resin. The cellulose comes from managed forests and recycled paper. These products will patina naturally and do not need to be sealed.

Stainless Steel

Material: Steel

Stainless Steel offers the ultimate resistance to water, staining and heat. Sinks and backsplashes can be integrated into the countertop. This is a very durable material that works well in a contemporary kitchen.


Material: Solid Wood

Craft-Art and Green Mountain wood countertops are beautiful and timeless. All tops are finished with an organic tung-oil varnish that is waterproof, heat resistant, stain resistant and food safe. A variety of reclaimed woods are available.