Green Options

The green options available at Beyond the Box help provide a healthy environment for your home and use sustainable materials. We are dedicated to providing green solutions wherever possible.


Sustainable Material

Bamboo is a very strong material that has been used as a building material for centuries. Bamboo matures in approximately 7 years, compared to most hardwood trees that take decades. Bamboo can also be used as a unique design element in kitchens and bathrooms.


Sustainable Material

Lyptus is harvested from Eucalyptus plantations in Brazil. The trees are mature in 14 to 16 years and many of the plantations are certified to sustainable forest standards. The wood is hard and dense and has a beautiful, fine grain.

Wood Veneers

Wood Veneers are very thin slices of wood cut from whole logs. While a log used for solid lumber is cut into thick pieces, usually not thinner than 1 1/8”, veneers are cut as thin as 1/40 of an inch. There is very little waste and the yield of the log is greatly increased, in turn placing less stress on the resource. The veneers can be sliced in different ways to create a very exotic look.


Sustainable Materials

Countertops can also be made from a variety of sustainable materials including recycled glass, recycled paper and reclaimed woods.