Design Process

At Beyond the Box, we take you from imagination to creation. We will guide you through the process of bringing your dream kitchen to life. Great design is a process that we realize together.

Our philosophy is that careful planning during the initial stages of your kitchen not only reduces the incidence of costly changes; it also allows us to fulfill your desires and get it right the first time. Your dreams blended with our expertise will produce a space that is personal, functional and beautiful!

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    Step One: Evaluation

    During this phase, we determine your wants and needs. We then assess the best way to achieve your goals.

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    Step Two: The Proposal

    The next step is to give you an estimate and some recommendations that will get you started. Whether your style is European, modern, classic, Craftsman, old world or cottage, we can help you get there.

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    Step Three: Design

    We use computer aided design software to create your dream kitchen. You’ll receive floor plans, perspective drawings and elevations.

    During this phase, you choose from a wide array of cabinet styles, countertop materials, lighting and decorative hardware. We guide you through this process and offer tailored recommendations based on configuration, style and budget.

Rendered kitchen:

Finished kitchen:

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